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Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar

If you are someone who is looking for a great and affordable acoustic guitar, then maybe you want to check out the Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar.  If your budget for guitar purchase is limited to $500, then maybe checking out this Taylor Big Baby acoustic guitar is the answer for your musical cravings.

 When it comes to features, the Taylor Big Baby Acoustic guitar is advertised to have a 15/16 reduced size.  Though it may be a little bit of a concern for you, it has other features you might find awesome.  First of all, it is a travel guitar so the neck comes off easily.  Also, it is easy to pack for travel and its durability is unmatched.


 What’s also great about the Taylor Big Baby acoustic guitar is that it is very simple; you’re free from the hassles of a more complicated large guitar.  Its size is kind of the same as the common concert guitar, which is just as convenient to play.  Though it has solid Spruce for a top, no protective bind trim is available for securing the outer edge of the guitar.  Its fretboard is made from ebony while its neck comes from a bolt-on variety which can easily come off making it convenient in terms of compact packing for purposes of traveling.

Coming with a Sapele frame, the Taylor big baby acoustic guitar is equipped with high pressure laminate sides and back.  It also has a cast, chrome-plated tuning machine that performs smoothly.  Though there have been some concerns when it comes to workmanship; these are minor details that do not affect the longevity and performance of the guitar itself.

When it comes to sound production of the guitar, the Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar produces more of a treble tone that predominately is due to the laminate back and sides.  When it comes to pricing, it is ahead of other notable guitars such as Yamaha, Fender, Martin and Takamine.  It is even great in terms of flatpicking and fingerstyle.

 The Taylor big baby acoustic guitars sustenance is really good and the projection is awesome.  Because of its Spruce top, edgy heavy treble tones can actually be mellow when this solid Sitka Spruce top starts to age.  Adjustments in height may be needed for easier picking and better use of the guitar.  Lowering the action to a certain degree is a must especially when you are trying to do some complicated finger style and flat-picking on your Taylor Big baby Acoustic guitar.

 When it comes to durability, the Taylor Big Baby can accommodate some abuse since it is very rugged and very dependable. Though, the top is fragile, it should also have a protective binding at the edges to protect the top’s end grain.  A crack might develop in just a snap knock at the end grain of the guitar.  The sides on the Taylor Big Baby acoustic guitar are definitely built to endure stress and will not crack nor react to changes in humidity like solid wood plates do.

When it comes to customer support, Taylor has a lifetime warranty for its Big Baby Acoustic Guitar.  Its tech support is capable of handling any type of problem brought to them by their clients; most are resolved with warranty issues.

Overall, the Taylor Big Baby acoustic guitar is good enough as it is very suitable for gigs or small functions.  It can pass as a starter guitar for adolescents or a pack guitar for someone going to college.  However, do not expect an incredibly professional level guitar from it.  An artist can definitely use this little guitar for fantastic effects on performances and recording however, fully solid-wood guitars would still give the best performance and close-to-perfect prowess when it comes to such activities.

Taylor did very well when it comes to its price range as their prices are worthy of what you are getting.  Purchasing a good case can lengthen its life as this Taylor Big Baby Acoustic Guitar deserves excellent care.  Once the Elixir strings are worn out, you might want to put warmer sounding string set for best effects.

Generally, the Taylor big baby acoustic guitar is of top quality when compared to other brands of its variant. It’s definitely worth spending your money on.